Who I am

My name is Héctor Bermúdez, I am a graphic designer specialized in branding, motion design and 3D. I've been working in this media for now 4 years in which I've had the opportunity to work with some brands such as : SONY,MTV,Ponds,Necafe,Nike,Aeromexico,Axe,Absolut vodka, and some others. I've played several roles that goes from developing concepts, building ideas and art direction. Working as a graphic designer and having knowledge from 3D and vfx has given me the opportunity to expand my field of view, solving problems with alternative solutions and always being thinking outside the box .

What I Do

Currently, I am a graphic designer, 3D Artist. Every day I go to work then back home in the evening, spend most of my free time at night on the internet like other people, find a few hours to do my work, I believe it’s always good to do your own projects in order to have your own path. I enjoy to do any kind of activities that are relevant to my job, and always do it in the best positive way.

I can say I am quite good at









I've Worked With

Some of the brands which I've had the opportunity to worked with

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